Improving your confidence

There may be occasions when self-doubt erodes our confidence in our ability to succeed and to know we can be successful in leadership roles.

‘To start to believe we are successful we need to focus on the successes we have had that have contributed to where we are today."  - Jayne Muller (Altris), in ‘Five Simple Strategies to Build Confidence’.

“There will always be people who doubt you, but that’s probably because they doubt themselves so why would they believe in you? Surround yourself with positive like-minded people so you can fuel the fire within.” - Bridget Williams, social entrepreneur.

“Believing you are the best person for a job is often half the battle. As long as you are prepared to listen, learn and work hard you can do almost anything.” - Sarah Platt, student.

“I never get comfortable in anything I do. I often think, don’t be crazy I have no idea how to do that, but I still say yes. Women tend to become good at something and then step up, as opposed to being open to putting ourselves forward for something we’re not experts at. There’s only one way to get amazing at something and that’s to do it.”  Dr Michelle Dickinson, lecturer, Auckland University.

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