How to find the right governance role

Through our Nominations Service, the Ministry for Women directly assists appointing government agencies with the recruitment of suitable women for vacancies on State sector boards.

We’re always pleased to successfully place great candidates in these roles, but the process is often a lengthy one.

If you’re on our database (click here to find out how to sign up), but wondering if you’ll ever get the call, take heart from the experience of two recent appointees, Paula Baker of Hamilton and Robyn Baker of Wellington.

Paula Baker (pictured, left) was recently appointed in a public sector role as a lay member of the New Zealand Dietitians Board. 

It’s the first public sector board position for Paula, who has a background in environmental policy and HR. She’s been on the Ministry’s database for nearly a decade, though has only been actively seeking roles for the last two or three years.

In that time Paula joined the Institute of Directors (IoD) and built up governance experience through roles on not-for-profit boards. She received the IoD Emerging Director award for the Waikato region in 2013.

“I made sure that I kept updating my CV so the Nominations Service always had the most current version, and if I saw opportunities that I was interested in I requested to be put forward for them.”

In November, Robyn Baker (pictured, right) will begin her term as Chair of the New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO.

Robyn, who was made an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to education in 2015, has international experience as Deputy Chair of the Australian Council for Education Research and at the Royal Society.

She said she would not have noticed the opportunity without the Nominations Service’s help.

“I think it will be a stimulating and challenging role and one that aligns well with my interests and expertise. I deeply appreciate the role the Ministry for Women played in giving me this opportunity.”

Nominations Service senior advisor Rachael Manson says the Ministry is always looking to increase the number of women on our database so that we can provide suitable nominees for as many board roles as possible.

“As there are more than 430 State sector boards, there is a lot of variety in both the types of vacancies which come up, and the skills and expertise appointing agencies are looking for. We receive around 200 requests each year and want to put forward the best candidates for these roles.”

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