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Ministry of Women's Affairs Annual Report for year ended 30 June 2012
This new research presents a complex picture of sexual violence and revictimisation. It emphasises the importance of early identification of repeat survivors and the need to break the cycle of repeat revictimisation.
Findings from an online survey and interviews of engineering graduates from 2000 and 2005.
This submission is made on behalf of the 25 Percent Group. The Group comprises 11 Chairs and CEOs from a selection of private, publicly-listed and multi-national companies committed to achieving diversity at senior management level and in New Zealand boardrooms. We are committed to voluntarily taking action that will significantly increase the number of women in senior management and board roles in New Zealand – to make better use of the available talent pool, raise productivity and profitability, and ensure competitive edge. Our objective is to see 25 percent female participation overall on New Zealand boards by 2015.
Chief Executive's expense disclosure reports 2010 onwards
This report, prepared by the EEO Trust for the Ministry of Women's Affairs details case studies of six New Zealand companies' work on gender diversity.
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A report on the labour participation response of mothers to changes in early childhood education costs, prepared for the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, by Andrea Knox, Counterbalance Research and Evaluation.