Utilising women's skills

When New Zealand businesses grow, they create good jobs and improve New Zealand’s standard of living.  To grow, businesses need to draw from a skilled workforce.  They need to attract and retain talented staff.

Women as a workforce are currently under-employed, unemployed or under-utilised at a higher rate than men.  One in three employed women work part-time, and of those part-time working women, one in five is under-employed.  Barriers to fully utilising women’s skills include the need for flexible work, part-time work, and managing childcare demands.

Over 95 percent of businesses in New Zealand are small to medium enterprises (SMEs) with fewer than 50 employees.  Providing ‘family-friendly’ work opportunities can be a challenge.  However, for SMEs to be sustainable and grow they need to attract and retain talented staff, who often need family-friendly work environments.