Raising women's incomes

Pay and employment equity are key issues for New Zealand women. NACEW has been involved in a wide range of research and promotion designed to address the gender pay gap and expand the career aspirations of young women about to enter the workforce.

Occupation Outlook

Occupation Outlook helps young people make decisions on career options by providing an indication of likely income, costs of fees and job prospects for 40 key occupations.  There is also a free Occupation Outlook 2014 mobile app for iPhones, iPod Touch and Android devices. You can download this to your device from the App Store or Google Play.


Addressing the gender pay gap

Play Fair - Pay & Employment Equity Guides

August 2012

These gender pay and employment equity guides (provide link) will help employers to assess where they stand, so they can be confident about their practices and address any inequities that become apparent. They were adapted for use in the private sector by Top Drawer Consultants & Heathrose Research. 

New Zealand women's employment outcomes: the relationship between working shorter hours and low paid, female-dominated occupations

May 2010

This report aims to identify the characteristics, pay and working issues for female employees aged between 25 and 54 years, who work less than full-time in the traditionally low-paid sectors of retail, cleaning, and residential care.

New Zealand Womens Employment Outcomes (342 Kb)

The Economic Rationales for Narrowing the Gender Pay Gap

June 2006

This report discusses the factors that contribute to the gender pay gap, and considers the gender equity issues that impact on business performance. It makes the case for including a gender focus in the economic transformation and productivity arenas.

NACEW is now investigating what it can do to improve workforce opportunities for young women and mothers/caregivers who have limited skills or are at risk of low workforce participation.

The Economic Rationales for Narrowing the Gender Pay Gap (204 Kb) 

Expanding young women’s choices in employment

Another element of NACEW’s work to raise women’s incomes over time has been to research and assist young women’s choices in employment. Some key work includes:

Exciting Prospects in Young Women’s Employment forum

March 2012

This report summarises the findings from a NACEW forum held on 1 March 2012. Here 80 delegates explored what will make a positive difference to young women in employment and on their pathway to leadership.

NACEW Forum Full Report (204 Kb)

Employment Choices for Young Women - The influence of gender representation in New Zealand produced television watched by children.

May 2012

This report shares findings on how gender representation in New Zealand-produced television content viewed by children aged 12 years and under can influence girls’ and women’s employment choices in later life.

Employment Choices for Young Women - The influence of gender representation in New Zealand produced television watched by children (1mb)

PDF iconIf you could be anything ... what will it be?

August 2006

NACEW produced three brochures in a series called, 'If you could be anything...what will it be?' The brochures are aimed at Maori and Pacific women interested in a career in self-employment and provide case studies of women who are currently self-employed. You can view the brochure aimed at senior high school girls here:

If you could be anything... what will it be? - Senior high school students (376 Kb)