Suffrage 125 Community Fund FAQs

The questions and answers on this page will be updated with new information as needed. If you have questions that are not covered here, please email us.

Why is this fund available now?

The funding for this fund was allocated in the Budget 2018 after the Government decided to allocate funding towards community projects to recognise this significant anniversary.

What is it for?

This fund is to allow communities across New Zealand to celebrate the 125th anniversary of women’s suffrage this year in a way that will leave a legacy for their communities.

The fund will be used for projects, events and activities that encourage participation, support diversity or empower young people.

This funding can be used for memorial events, artworks, history projects or other ideas which recognise women’s suffrage.

People can apply online. The Ministry will also send out forms if people request the forms in hard copy.

Why is the funding not more?

The Government has allocated this investment specifically for community projects. There are also a number of other ways that community organisations can obtain funding. For example, NZ On Air has had grants for Suffrage 125 projects, and organisations can apply through the Lotteries Grant or other government funding sources if they need further funding.

How will you measure impact?

The Ministry for Women will measure the outcomes through the number of events, projects and by obtaining stakeholder feedback.

Who will make the decisions on funding?

A panel of representatives drawn from women’s organisations and government agencies will be appointed to assess the applications. The final list will be given to the Acting Minister for Women for her approval.

Can an organisation apply for more than one project?

Yes, each assessment will be assessed on its merits.

Do I need partnership funding?

No, but the assessment panel will give priority to those applications that demonstrate that they have secured additional funding.

Can men apply?

We welcome applications from all groups with projects that meet the criteria. There are many men in New Zealand who have championed or are continuing to champion for women’s rights.