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Transparency statement

This transparency statement explains how we collect, use and share information gathered about members of the public or other entities (directly or indirectly) in accordance with the Information gathering and public trust model standards of the Te Kawa Mataaho Public Service Commission. The Ministry for Women does not have any law enforcement, regulatory compliance responsibilities, and does not gather any information for these purposes.

The security of our premises is managed in accordance with our health and safety policy and in accordance with government procurement standards and government Protective Security Requirements. The security of our information is managed in accordance with our privacy and information management policies, and in compliance with the Privacy Act 2020, the Official Information Act 1982 and the Public Records Act 2005. The information we hold is used only for the purpose for which it is collected, or to satisfy government reporting requirements, or as otherwise advised, including as described in our privacy policy. Note where we have serious concerns regarding potential threats to the physical security of staff, or the security of information or places, we will engage an appropriate authority (such as the NZ Police).

Should we identify a need to gather information in scope of the model standards as prescribed by the Te Kawa Mataaho Public Service Commission in future, we will ensure compliance with Information gathering and public trust model standards and update this transparency statement. In gathering any information, we ensure that we act in accordance with the State Services Code of Conduct. This statement applies to information gathered by us, our contractors, or any other third parties engaged by us.


This privacy notice applies to personal information collected on the Ministry for Women's website: www.women.govt.nz.

Personal information is collected for email enquiries, for information for nominations services for subscription to the Ministry's e-newsletter.  The choice is with the user as to what information is disclosed. Any personal information that is submitted is held securely and will only be used for the intended purpose.

Any person submitting personal information has the right to request access to the information being held by the Ministry for Women, and to, as required, update or change the information by emailing info@women.govt.nz.

We take care to exercise our information gathering powers appropriately and meet our obligations under the Privacy Act 2020, State Sector Code of Conduct, and Information Gathering Model Standards at all times.

Any such information gathering must be approved according to our internal authorisation process. That process, and the related activities, are regularly reviewed to ensure compliance with the law, our internal policies, and our risk management requirements. This statement applies to information gathered by us, our contractors, or any other third parties engaged by us.

Information is stored and retained in accordance our Privacy Policy and Information Security Policy, and in compliance with the Privacy Act 2020 and the Public Records Act 2005.  If you have any enquiries about our information gathering activities, or believe we have not acted in accordance with this statement, you should contact us.