A symbol for Suffrage 125

Whakatu Wahine -- Suffrage 125

We have developed a Suffrage 125 symbol to help promote and identify related activities and events. Our Suffrage 125 celebrations are guided by the motivation to raise awareness that people of diverse cultures have contributed to furthering the rights of women and girls in New Zealand and are intended to motivate the next generation of change makers to continue that progress.


The phrase

The 'Whakatū Wāhine' phrase represents women — and all people — standing for the rights of women. It was central to the Suffrage Centenary celebrations in 1993 and remains relevant today as we continue to take a stand for gender equality.

The symbol

The Suffrage 125 symbol draws on historical colours and icons adopted by women’s suffrage petitioners and presents them in a contemporary form. Violet represented dignity and self-respect and the white camellia was worn by people supporting women’s right to vote in New Zealand. The ‘125’ contains a koru as a link to our distinct New Zealand culture.

Suffrage symbol terms of use

You are welcome to use the ‘Suffrage 125 — Whakatū Wāhine’ name and symbol to identify an event which aligns with these aims. The symbol must be used according to the terms listed below and the guidelines that you’ll receive when you download the symbol files. To maximise your participation in the nationwide programme, we encourage you to include the following text in your promotions and event copy: "Proud to be a part of the Suffrage 125 national event programme."

The Ministry for Women owns the copyright for the Suffrage 125 symbol and reserves the right to determine its appropriate use. Ministry for Women administers the Suffrage 125 celebration in partnership with Manatū Taonga, the Ministry for Culture and Heritage. The symbol may not be used on merchandise for sale without special permission from the Ministry for Women. By using the Suffrage 125 symbol you agree that it will not be used in any way that is unlawful or harms the Ministry for Women or the Ministry for Culture and Heritage.

The Ministry for Women may unilaterally suspend your use of the Suffrage 125 symbol or your listing on this website if and when it determines that you have breached these terms of use or is determined to be otherwise unacceptable.

Get the Suffrage 125 symbol and guidelines

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