Our work

Manatū Wāhine Ministry for Women's policy advice is focused on three strategic outcomes: 

  • ensuring the contribution of all women and girls is valued
  • ensuring all women and girls are financially secure and can fully participate and thrive
  • ensuring all women and girls are free from all forms of violence and harassment 

In developing policy advice, the Ministry represents the interests of all women, including transgender women, and it recognises the right of all people to self-identify. We recognise that women are diverse: their experiences, needs, and priorities are not all the same. Some groups of women continue to have poorer outcomes relative to other groups. The Ministry recognises this diversity in developing its advice and identifying appropriate solutions. 

The Ministry has a sharp focus on demonstrable results and monitors progress for women. This is to monitor the effectiveness of existing policies and other interventions, to identify emerging trends, and to provide information on the progress towards better outcomes for women.

The Ministry also manages the government’s international reporting obligations in relation to the status of women. In this role, it promotes and protects the interests and well-being of women in international forums, and promotes the development of domestic policy that is consistent with international responsibilities of New Zealand in relation to the status of women.

Gender analysis tool

The Ministry has a gender analysis tool to support policy makers to think through gender implications in their work to strengthen good policymaking that responds to the needs and experiences of all New Zealanders.