Getting ahead in your career

NACEW’s research and advice aims to boost women’s participation and success in the workforce. NACEW’s work also helps ensure New Zealand women receive the opportunities for advancement their skills deserve. For example, NACEW has recently been working with the Ministry of Women’s Affairs to increase the ‘pipeline’ of women into management and leadership roles.  

Here are a few examples of our work and some recommended links to find out more:

Assisting women in the workforce

Literature Review

October 2010 - This review synthesises findings about flexible working arrangements from relevant literature in New Zealand and overseas. The review found there was increasing interest in the use of flexible working arrangements to address labour market pressures  - apart from caring responsibilities. It examines benefits and barriers of flexible work, the approaches of different countries and the impact of legislation.

Guide to Requesting Flexible Working Arrangements

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment provides useful information to both employees and employers on flexible working arrangements.

Parental Leave

July 2007

This report is NACEW’s view on priorities for possible improvements to the parental leave scheme. This follows the government’s evaluation of the scheme in 2005/06. In May 2007, NACEW asked organisations and individuals for their feedback on our recommendations and reported to the Minister. More information on the parental leave scheme and NACEW's recommendations is available here:


New Zealand Childcare Survey 2009 from Statistics New Zealand

Revised December 2010, The New Zealand Childcare Survey 2009 (CCS) provides information about the use of formal and informal childcare arrangements and the relationship between childcare, work, and study arrangements.

Work-Life Balance: What's that?

February 2004 - This brochure looks at how four different women manage their work-life balance.


Assisting women into leadership

The Women In Leadership section provides useful information on becoming a member of a board in New Zealand. This includes an on-line tool to assess your strengths as a potential board member. 

Submission on proposed rule for disclosure of gender diversity in Annual Reports

May 2012 - NACEW supported this change in its submission here:

SUBMISSION: To The Proposed Rule For Disclosure In Annual Reports On Gender Diversity.pdf