One in four New Zealanders over the age of 15 has a disability.

  • The unemployment rate for disabled people is nearly twice that of non-disabled people (although this has been trending down over the past three years)
  • Disabled people earn less, on average, than non-disabled people.
  • Disabled women have a pay gap of 10.6 percent when compared to disabled men, and a pay gap of 15.4 percent when compared to all men

To improve these outcomes, disabled people need better employment opportunities. Disabled women need fairer recruitment and remuneration policies within their organisations.

The Office for Disability Issues provides a range of resources for employers and business owners wishing to employ disabled people, or wishing to make their workplaces more accommodating for disabled employees.

You can find more information about disabled people in New Zealand from the Stats NZ Disability Survey (last conducted in 2013). The figures below are survey results taken from Stats NZ’s Labour Market Statistics (disability) June 2020 quarter. Less than a quarter of disabled people are employed, so these statistics are prone to sampling error and should be taken as estimates only.

  Disabled Non-disabled Total
Measure Men Women Men Women Men Women
Labour Force Participation Rate 41.8 42.1 86.0 76.5 84.4 75.4
Employment Rate 39.4 37.4 82.8 73.1 81.3 71.9
Unemployment Rate 5.8 11.0 3.6 4.4 3.7 4.5
Median Hourly Earnings $26.74 $23.90 $28.29 $25.62 $28.26 $25.57

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