Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency
Canberra: Australian Government
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Data Story

This comprehensive census report describes women's representation in directorships and senior executive management roles in Australia's ASX200 and ASX500 top-listed companies. Women comprise 12.3 percent of directors in ASX200 companies, a marked increase from 2010. Female representation is higher in the top 20 companies, and scales down with decreasing size of organisation. 9.7 percent of senior executives in ASX200 companies are female. Detailed statistics are also provided on female participation by industry sector and region, and on gender statistics amongst Chief Executive Officers, board and committee chairs, executive and non-executive directorships, and Australian government boards. Comparisons are provided against other countries, and the previous experience of senior women and men is analysed.

The report also provides a summary of the ASX's diversity recommendations to companies, and compliance with these. The conclusion summarises options for future actions, and presents arguments for and against the imposition of a mandated diversity quota.