Sayers, R.
Journal of Business Ethics, 106
Area of focus: 
Unconscious Bias

An academic journal article discussing the wage gap between the sexes in the United States, where women currently earn an average of 77 cents to men's dollar. The author considers an argument that the gap represents a difference in productivity at work due to women's assumption of higher workloads at home after marriage; while this may account for some of the discrepancy, a comparison of unwed women's wages with those of unwed men still demonstrates a gap of 93 cents to the male dollar.

The author cites research evidence of an unconscious bias which causes people of either gender to rate equivalent work of women as being of lower value than that of men. Employers set salaries based on the estimated productive potential of a new recruit, and as employers are fallible to bias these estimates are argued to maintain the pay gap between the genders.