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Research Analysis
Area of focus: 
Flexible Working

This brief research report was issued by a non-profit organisation representing part-time and flexible workers within the United Kingdom. 1,000 part-time workers were interviewed on their attitudes and work histories to determine the career barriers they experience. A majority felt "trapped" in their current roles, given limited options for part-time work elsewhere, and most say their current role is a step down from, or on an equal level with their last role. Most had not been promoted since beginning part-time work, and most felt they would not be promoted until they took on more hours.

The results indicate that the majority of workers are unsure at which point in the recruitment process they should ask about part-time or flexible arrangements, and virtually all respondents would like employers to be clear about whether roles can be performed flexibly when the vacancies are initially advertised. Data is also presented on men's and women's reasons for pursuing part-time work. A case study presents the work history of an employee of a financial services firm, returning to part-time work after a maternity break.