Sojo, V. & Wood, R.
Melbourne: University of Melbourne Centre for Ethical Leadership
Research Analysis
Area of focus: 

This paper provides an analysis of research into women's resilience at work conducted by the University of Melbourne's Gender Equality Project. Resilience is defined here as the measure of women's fit, effective functioning and growth at work, even when the working environment is threatening.

A meta-analysis was conducted of 88 studies, from a variety of sectors (male-dominated and gender-neutral) and countries around the world. Eight indicators of women's resilience were identified, and grouped by the categories of fit, functioning and growth. Over 500 potential predictors of these indicators were then analysed, with 17 emerging as consistent and significant. These predictors were then organised into categories based on protective versus risk factors, and organisational versus personal factors.

The result of the meta-analysis is a model of women's resilience which can be used as the basis for review and action in organisational contexts. The authors present five recommended actions which target organisational culture, to enhance the impact of existing gender diversity strategies.