Houkamau, C. & Boxall, P.
Asia Pacific Journal of Human resources, 49 (4)
Area of focus: 
New Zealand

This New Zealand academic study performed a telephone survey of a sample of 500 workers throughout the country. Respondents were asked to state the type of organisation they worked for, what formal diversity initiatives they were aware of operating within their organisation, which types of support were available to them, whether the organisation provided family-friendly work options such as flexible hours or part-time roles, and their general impression of how accepting their employers were of diversity within the organisation.

Public sector employers received higher ratings than private sector companies, but overall few employees were aware of formal programmes in their organisation. Employees who reported higher levels of family- and EEO-friendly practices were more committed to and more trusting of their employers, and more satisfied in their jobs. A discussion of the history of diversity management is included, especially regarding attitudes and implementation in New Zealand, as is a brief analysis of New Zealand workforce trends at the time of writing.