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New Zealand

This research study conducted by a management consultancy firm seeks to provide insight into closing the gender gap in senior management. Successful women in business, either Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) or executives reporting directly to the CEO, from Australia and New Zealand took part in behavioural event interviews, and many returned later for a roundtable discussion.

The report provides their answers on the challenges they faced in their rise to the top, their main sources of support, and their key competencies.

Amongst other findings, the study found that the women were twice as likely to have driven their own careers by switching to new roles at new companies, than they were to have been internally promoted or headhunted; partners were the biggest sources of support, followed by managers and mentors; self-confidence and courage was the competency most often cited; and few of the women reported issues with work-life balance, or thought that human resources programmes had helped them. Recommendations are made for organisations wishing to address their gender balance, and for aspiring young executives of either gender.