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New Zealand

This is the fifth in a series of biennial reports on women's participation in various levels of New Zealand society. The introduction presents a summary of recent research and trends, and identifies three main strategies being implemented internationally to increase gender representation, as well as the issues surrounding their adoption in New Zealand.

The United Nations Women's Empowerment Principles and the foundation of the 25 Percent Group are also discussed. Statistical tables comparing New Zealand's percentage of female company directors with those of other countries are provided, observing that New Zealand is losing ground through slow progress from its former "leader" position.

The main body of the census reports the status of women in board director roles, representation in management and general workforce, and pay gaps across a wide range of sectors, from NZX and public sector boards to specific industries and professions throughout the country. Several industries are examined in greater detail, including the public sector (by department), national and regional sporting bodies and medical specialisations.

Special reports are also provided for women's role in New Zealand rugby governance and in the reconstruction and recovery efforts following the Canterbury earthquakes.

The conclusion restates eight action points from the Commission's 2010 census, reporting on progress made towards these. Eight new recommended actions are presented to government and NGOs for the coming two years.