London: PwC
Area of focus: 
Flexible Working

This document summarises the results of an internal study of the aspirations, work styles and values of different generations of staff within PwC's offices, with an emphasis on determining the attitudes of the Millennial generation (those born between 1980 and 1995).

The study surveyed 44,000 PwC staff across 18 countries, with an additional round of interviews, focus groups, and online forums. PwC estimates that 80 percent of its workforce will be Millennials by 2016, and has found that this age group tends to leave the organisation after only a few years, rejecting the traditional career model of the professional services firm. Amongst their findings, PwC report that Millennials do not want to compromise their personal lives with high levels of work commitment, want access to flexible working arrangements, and want more (and more frequent) rewards and support from their organisation.

Retention is seen in terms of building an emotional connection between staff and the firm with engaging work, a balanced workload, a sense of community within teams, and competitive pay and job opportunities. The conclusion presents recommendations of what other organisations can do to meet the demands of this generation.