Gallagher-Louisy, C.
Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion
Primary Research
Area of focus: 

A study by a Canadian non-government organisation into the measurement of organisational diversity and inclusion initiatives. A research review summarises the necessity of measuring initiatives and presents a range of models and types of measurement. Surveying 56 Canadian organisations, the study found that while diversity and inclusion was a strategic initiative within almost 80 percent, only 18.8 percent measured the impact or return on investment of these initiatives.

Popular measures included participation rates at diversity programmes, representation of diversity groups on boards and senior management, results from employee engagement surveys and programme efficacy measures. Interviews with diversity managers were undertaken and highlight other possible measures such as employment statistics by demographic groups, and the number of human rights or harassment complaints received. Issues and examples of best practice in measurement are discussed, and a toolkit is provided with recommendations for implementing and improving measurement initiatives.