Anderson, M. J.
The Glass Hammer
Magazine Article
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This brief article summarises recent research on the retention of women working in the technology sector.

Seventy-nine point nine percent of junior and mid-career level women surveyed said they had a role model within their organisation, and the study found that women who had a role model were significantly more likely to have aspirations towards roles in the senior executive than women who did not. The presence of role models also correlated with other factors which had a positive impact on women's advancement. The author argues that it is important for companies to nurture connections between junior and mid-level women with people at the top, who can support them through networks, sponsorship and mentoring. The gender of the role model did not appear to matter. When asked to name a woman in the technology sector they admired, respondents named 86 different women, suggesting that a variety of inspirational female leaders does exist.