Eagly, A. H. & Carli, L. L.
Harvard Business Review, September 2007
Magazine Article
Area of focus: 

This magazine article presents a succinct and readable summary of the challenges which stand between women and executive management, and is recommended as an introduction to the field.

The authors argue that the metaphor of a "glass ceiling" is a misdiagnosis as there is no single, imposed barrier; rather, a variety of obstacles combine to impede women's progress. These are each described, with reference to research, and include: lingering prejudice,
a resistance to female leadership due to gender stereotyping, women's tendency towards transformational leadership styles, family commitments and misperceptions of the effects of this, and a lack of time for and access to networks. A sidebar argues against the belief that gender equality will be achieved naturally over time, as factors in society appear to be actively working against progress and must be consciously addressed.

The article concludes with a comprehensive list of management interventions which have been shown to work.