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New York: McKinsey & Company
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This is the fourth in a series of research reports from this global management consultancy. A study of European companies, building on McKinsey's initial study in 2007 and with summaries provided by industry, finds that women's representation on boards and executive committees is largely unchanged. The percentage of female versus male university graduates in 1978 is compared with that of 2008, and a forecast of executive representation is provided for 2040.

A survey of managers examines the perceived barriers to increased gender diversity, with the "double burden" of work and personal life responsibilities, and the "anywhere, anytime" model of management being the most often identified. While a majority of top level managers believe that gender diversity results in improved financial performance, few companies are implementing multiple measures to achieve this.

The report presents a summary of 13 gender diversity measures and recommends three which most highly correlate with success in achieving diversity. A visual model of the ideal "Gender Diversity Ecosystem" is provided, identifying the main elements conducive of transformation