Equal Employment Opportunities Trust
Wellington: EEO Trust
Area of focus: 
New Zealand

The Equal Employment Opportunities Trust publish an annual report on New Zealand workforce demographic trends. Amongst the major trends identified, the report highlights that fewer new entrants to the workforce are anticipated due to declining birth rates and the retirement of the baby boomer generation; this is expected to create a labour market shortage in the future.

The workforce is ageing, with more people working later into their lives. Three times the proportion of women aged over 65 are in the workforce than a decade ago. In 2010, 59 percent of university graduates were women; women currently comprise 47 percent of the workforce and a higher proportion are now the main earners for their families, but a gender pay gap still exists.

Statistics are presented for parents' participation in the workforce, by gender and size of role (full time or part-time), as well as for sharing of childcare responsibilities by gender.