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Wellington: EEO Trust
Research Analysis
Area of focus: 
New Zealand

This report provides a thorough analysis of New Zealand workforce trends in terms of age and gender, drawn from historical census data from 1981 to 2006. The supply side of labour in New Zealand is increasingly female, and in the country's ageing labour force the largest area of growth has recently been in the demographic of women aged 50 and over, which has grown at twice the rate of the comparable male demographic. Projections of the labour force by age are provided to the year 2021.

The report summarises the age and gender profiles of over 40 different occupations, with a range of statistics and graphics for each. In particular amongst lawyers, accountants, veterinarians and planners there is a profile of predominantly older men and younger women, suggesting a new trend in male-dominated disciplines, or a large number of women leaving in mid-career. The paper summarises a range of domestic and international research on women's issues within these professions, and recommends that employers be prepared for shifts to the professional status quo as a new generation of employees request flexible working arrangements and reduced-load work.