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This report, prepared by a major professional services firm, presents data on the current status of women's representation in senior executive roles within the public sectors of the G20 nations. Ranked figures are also provided for women's representation in parliamentary and Ministerial-level positions, and for total percentage of women's representation across the nation's entire public sector workforce and private sector board positions.

The report estimates that 860 million women world-wide currently lack the education or opportunity to participate in the global economy. Specific issues faced by women in a variety of nations are discussed in brief, and interviews with senior female leaders in these countries provide insight on the political and social obstacles which must be overcome. The future effects of austerity are considered: an estimated 710,000 UK public sector jobs will be lost by 2017, and in countries such as Spain, Greece and Portugal austerity has primarily affected areas which have been traditionally female-dominated, such as education, health and social services.

Actions are suggested for governments to improve their female representation, ranging from legislation, to changes of culture, role modelling and leadership, and specific advice is offered for women entering the sector and wishing to progress.