Women in leadership

All women need the opportunity and encouragement to ensure their skills and talents get recognised. We need to grow, identify and support  future generations of women leaders in New Zealand, and encourage them to take the next step in their careers into leadership roles.

Women are currently under-represented in leadership roles in New Zealand with a significant number of highly experienced women leaving the workforce, or unable to get past senior management roles and move into top leadership positions. Often, success for women is measured by the number of women on state and private boards, but their contribution to businesses and the economy is much more than that.

There are also many women in leadership roles in the community and voluntary sectors who are not always recognised.

We want to change the way leadership is defined and talked about so we can build better New Zealand organisations. We will demonstrate the benefits of having more women in leadership at the top level.

We have talked to women in New Zealand about their career and aspirations for moving into leadership roles. We know they have the skills and talents to succeed.

We have information and tools available to support women to achieve the best results, helping them to take that next step in their career.