After joining the database

When will you be contacted by the Ministry's Nominations Service? 

The Ministry's Nominations Service is regularly identifying women from the database who are suitable for specific board roles and forwarding their details to nominating agencies. We will only contact you if:

  • an appointing agency has specifically asked us to check on your interest in a board vacancy or to check on your availability
  • there is particular query we may have about something in your CV
  • we consider you may be a strong candidate for a board vacancy, which has been advertised, and will invite you to apply to the appointing agency
  • we consider your existing CV is out-dated and we need to obtain a current CV.

Current CV 

Please keep your CV current and ensure we hold a copy of this on our database.

To help us in our work we need to know about your most recent employment, governance roles, achievements and awards.  This enables us to provide the best information about you to apointing agencies.  Appointing agencies appreciate up-to-date information.  Updated CVs can be emailed to us. 

When will I get a state sector board role?  

In general, all board roles, regardless of sector, are in high demand.  There are typically more people available for board roles than there are vacancies.  As a result it is a very competitive process.  In most cases there is a long time lag between joining the database and finally securing a board role.

In the meantime, depending on your level of experience and your interests, you may wish to seek out board vacancies in other sectors such as the not-for-profit, community, sporting, health, private enterprises, professional groups or other sectors.

Board vacancies are also regularly advertised in the newspaper and we encourage women on our database to apply for these or to seek out opportunities through informal channels.

If you are not available

We appreciate being advised if you are not available to be considered for a board vacancy.  It is helpful if you can also advise us if this is temporary and when you may be available again.