Nominations and appointment process

The nominations and appointments process for state sector boards and committees involves various parties and stages. The process is set down by Cabinet. Further guidance is provided by the State Services Commission for state sector board and committee appointments, however it does not apply to boards of State owned Enterprises or Crown entity companies. 

The Governor-General or a Minister of the Crown is responsible for an appointment to a state sector board or committee. They will liaise with the administering department or agency to discuss the selection process and criteria. The administering department or agency will manage the nominations, selection and reporting processes. A government committee and Caucus will approve the appointment.

Please note the appointment processes for Māori boards and not-for-profit/community/sports boards are not subject to this process.

For nominations and appointments to State owned Enterprises or Crown entity companies the Treasury’s Commercial Operations group manages the process.

Selection and appointment process

The appointing agency goes through a rigorous process to select the best person for the vacancy from the candidates nominated by us, other nominating agencies and other sources. For one vacancy there can be over 100 candidates for consideration. The appointing agency will advise the candidate(s) if:

  • they have been shortlisted
  • they are required to attend an interview or
  • they are short-listed, whether or not they have been successful and appointed.

The Minister will usually formally announce the person/s who has/have been appointed. The appointment/s may also be published in the NZ Gazette where required by legislation.

The Ministry for Women carries out a regular stocktake of women on state sector boards.