Other organisations we work with

The Ministry works with a number of agencies and organisations to share information and encourage the increase in the number of women in leadership and on boards.

Government departments representing population or interest groups

The following agencies also maintain their own database of men and women candidates and provide nominations services to Ministers and government agencies seeking to fill board vacancies. 

We encourage women, as appropriate, to also consider joining these databases.

The Ministry also works closely with the The Treasury which maintains its own database and assists with the appointment of directors to Crown company boards. Women with significant board experience may also consider joining The Treasury's database.

Other organisations 

New Zealand Human Rights Commission

The New Zealand Human Rights Commission has published the last Census of Women's Participation in 2012.  The Census monitors the appointment of women to leadership roles in the state sector, corporate, legal, academic and other fields.

Diversity Works NZ

Diversity Works NZ is a not-for-profit organisation that provides information and tools to employers and raises awareness of diversity issues in New Zealand workplaces.  Diversity Works NZ helps businesses develop diverse and inclusive workplaces through training, research, and an annual awards programme. It encourages diversity by generating awareness of the business benefits and rewards of an inclusive workplace. 

Institute of Directors in New Zealand (Inc) (IoD)

The Institute of Directors (IoD) is recognised as a leading voice on best practice governance. It is a membership organisation of over 9,000 individuals representing organisations large and small.  It promotes excellence in governance, represents directors interests, and facilitates their professional development through education and training.

IoD helps directors develop skills in governance. Joining as a member is a way to keep your knowledge current, learn from the experiences of other directors, and access information and services that will help you achieve best practice in your role as a director. IOD runs a mentoring programme specifically for directors.