Are you seeking candidates for a board vacancy?

If you are seeking high calibre women candidates for a board vacancy, please contact the Ministry's Nominations Service via email or telephone (04) 915-7112 to discuss your requirements.

The answers to the following questions can help to us in identifying suitable women for the vacancy(ies):

  • What is the name of the board?
  • What skills and experiences are required?
  • How many roles need to be filled?
  • Is the vacancy being publicly advertised?
  • What are the details about the specific vacancy (role),  location of role and meetings, frequency and duration of meetings, remuneration, reimbursement?
  • What is the start date and term of the role?
  • Do you need the Ministry to contact the women we identify from our database before we pass on their names to you?
  • What is the closing date for nominations - when do you need the candidates identified by - date?
  • Are there any other specific requirements?