Inspiring Women

We remember Wellington teenager Eva McGauley, a tireless advocate of women and victims of sexual violence, who passed away from cancer over the weekend.  

Adding value to New Zealand businesses and being able to bring a fresh cultural lens and strategic eye at a board level inspired Chinese-born Aucklander Carol Cheng to join the Institute of Directors’ Future Directors programme.

From big boss to the board table

Leadership skills are the same whether you’re working in the state sector or for a large multinational company, says former managing director of IBM New Zealand, Jennifer Moxon.

Meet Ruth Smithers, who in January 2017 became the first Future Director in the state sector.

"A feminised industry carries the risk that salaries are on average lower than men’s. That’s of course not something that sits at all well with me."

“Be strong in yourself. Be prepared to look at different things. Say yes to all opportunities, even ones that seem crazy!"

We remember Dr Teresia Teaiwa, Director of Va’aomanū Pasifika at Victoria University - activist, author, feminist, poet, and renowned scholar - who passed away on 21 March 2017.

The Ministry for Women would like to take this opportunity and e maumahara ana one of New Zealand’s most inspiring sporting greats, Tania Dalton who died on 1 March 2017. 

"Women in roles of responsibility have a duty to speak up on behalf of the people we represent. And we have a right to be respected.” 

Scientist, mathematical modeller

Amy Van Wey Lovatt is no stranger to solving complex problems. In fact, as a career mathematician and academic, she specialises in doing just that. But her success is all the more remarkable considering where she started from.