Inspiring Women

"Women in roles of responsibility have a duty to speak up on behalf of the people we represent. And we have a right to be respected.” 

Scientist, mathematical modeller

Amy Van Wey Lovatt is no stranger to solving complex problems. In fact, as a career mathematician and academic, she specialises in doing just that. But her success is all the more remarkable considering where she started from.


When Carmen Sutton got the courage to tackle her lifelong learning difficulties, a whole new world opened up before her.

How the legal profession can keep young women

If we want young women to stay in law, then the legal profession needs to take action, says QC Kate Davenport.

Entrepreneur, Fulbright scholar

Sarah Reo is the founder of award-winning Maori language and culture business CultureFlow and CultureFlow China. Sarah is currently working towards a MBA at the University of Hawaii, after winning a 2014 Fulbright Platinum Triangle Award in Business scholarship. 

Founder, ShowGizmo

Marie-Claire Andrews is the founder of leading event app ShowGizmo and a passionate advocate for women in tech and entrepreneurship.

President, Jersey New Zealand

Alison Gibb is the first woman to head Jersey New Zealand. The former teacher brings vast experience in dairy farming, the voluntary sector and governance to the 114-year-old industry body.

With women accounting for just 30 percent of local government representatives, there’s plenty of space for more. Six New Zealand women in local government tell us what they've learned - and why you should stand.

Successful New Zealand women share tips on getting what you want at work.

Got a job offer but not sure where to start when it comes to negotiating pay and conditions? Here are some tips to help you navigate the negotiation stage.

Mayor, Whanganui

Annette Main became the mayor of Whanganui in 2010, following a long career in tourism and a stint on the Manawatu-Wanganui Regional Council. Read about what prompted her to enter local government and what she has learnt.