Inspiring Women

PledgeMe founder

She’s followed her own dreams and enabled thousands of others to reach for theirs. But please, don’t call PledgeMe founder Anna Guenther a role model. "There's so much more I want to do," she says.

Dancer, teacher, entrepreneur

Bo-Deene Stephens was so disruptive and troublesome at high school that one of her teachers told her she’d never amount to anything. Now she’s doing her best to prove them wrong.

Ophthalmologist, entrepreneur

Rebecca Stack has a lot on her plate. She’s an ophthalmologist, a business owner, a board member and a mother of two. She jokes that she’s not entirely sure how she’s ended up with so many responsibilities, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

'We have to allow our female leaders to be real and human'

Louise Nash is chief strategy officer at global brand communication and strategy agency Mediacom. She has more than 15 years’ experience in the advertising sector and has worked on many and varied award-winning campaigns in New Zealand, Australia and Canada. 

Dairy farmer, board director

As a dairy farmer, it’s not unusual for Jessie Chan-Dorman to lie awake at night worrying about her cows. But given she’s built up a respectable governance portfolio – and has a toddler son – it’s a wonder she gets any sleep at all.

'Every job is an opportunity to learn, grow and connect'

Fiona Hewitt is the chief executive of the New Zealand Institute of Management. It’s the latest role in a 20 year career in senior management that has seen her work for high profile New Zealand travel, insurance, entertainment, non-profit, sporting and human behaviour organisations.

Iron Māori founder

Iron Māori founder Heather Te Au-Skipworth has created a movement that is changing lives. She’s encouraging her community to believe in themselves, and empowering her own family and others to live a long, happy life.

Head of digital channels and transformation at ANZ

As one of ANZ’s ‘Notable Women’, Liz Maguire is recognised throughout the organisation for her skills in two areas that are key to the bank’s future – digital innovation and transformational leadership.

former Football Fern, student

Jasmine Pereira has brought her own style to the football game and her approach to life.

PhD student, sportswoman

Bailey Lovett is making a splash in both marine biology and competitive sport, and puts it all down to sheer hard work.