Inspiring Women

'I have learnt more from the things that have gone wrong'

Lindy Nelson is the founder and executive director of the Agri Women's Development Trust,an organisation that focuses on developing women’s leadership, business and governance skills in the agricultural sector.

Film motion capture specialist

Visual effects artist Kat Black has gone from working in a supermarket to working her way into the highly competitive motion capture industry.

Public health senior research fellow, AUT

Rebranding failure as an opportunity to learn gave Melody Oliver the confidence she needed to successfully change careers. Now she’s making a big impact and says putting people first is the key.


As an award-winning architect, Bianca Pohio is used to balancing the complex and varied needs of form and function, design and engineering. But she admits juggling a career she loves with busy family life can be very challenging at times.

Head winemaker

As a young woman in a business dominated by older men, Lauren Swift knows the odds are stacked against her. But that hasn’t stopped her from setting – and achieving – some ambitious goals in the wine industry.

Dentist, charity founder

Assil Russell believes in leading by example. A dentist and founder of one international and one local charity, hers is certainly an example worth following.

"A good leader surrounds themselves with great people"

Sarah Meikle is the chief executive of the Wellington Culinary Events Trust and the director of New Zealand’s largest food festival, Visa Wellington On a Plate. She tells us about leadership, mentors and independence.

Social entrepreneur

Hannah Rhodes is committed to seeking roles with a positive social purpose - and she has made a habit out of helping her community.

Professional director

Leadership comes naturally to Samantha Sharif. She says with commitment and confidence, it’s a skill that can be developed.

Now a professional director and board chair, Samantha brings a vast amount of leadership expertise to a range of boards.

Air New Zealand pilot, artist

As the first Maori woman to become a pilot in the New Zealand Air Force, Angela Swann-Cronin hasn’t so much crashed through the glass ceiling as soared above it. Now flying regional routes for Air New Zealand, Angela has figured out how to balance her love of learning and discovery with the needs of her young family.