Inspiring Women

Policy analyst, co-president of YWCA Aotearoa

Nive Sharat Chandran had the opportunity to recognise her leadership potential when still at high school. She’s determined to pass on what she’s learned to other women who are committed to working for their communities.

Chief executive of Leadership New Zealand

Sina Wendt-Moore is drawing on a successful career leading teams to empower a new generation of ethical and authentic leaders.

Academic, consultant, social entrepreneur

Sacha McMeeking hunts ideas, old and new, to help iwi and other organisations successfully manage change. Her collaborative approach is right on track.

Playwright, adviser, activist

Leilani Unasa is a communicator, playwright, producer and activist. She is leading the way by connecting the dots between what she knows is important.

Governance and risk management specialist, board member

Souella Cumming has spent more than 30 years helping New Zealand businesses succeed. She says young women leaders need a clear vision of where they want to go.

Medical student, health governance board member, CEO

Angela Lim wants to transform New Zealand's health system. In endeavouring to learn everything she can about it, she’s learning what makes her tick too.

Social entrepreneur, student

Bridget Williams has clocked up an impressive list of community-focused achievements. She says it’s worth stepping out of your comfort zone to make a difference.

Project manager, organiser of TEDX Wellington Women

Natalia Albert believes humans are hardwired for struggle. She strongly encourages others to step out of their comfort zone - and stay there -to achieve success for themselves and their community.

Natural resources engineer, entrepreneur, farmer

Keri Johnston is a natural resources engineer with a business that ticks all her boxes: ambitious career progression, living in a rural community with time to raise children and run a farm.

Marketing, PR, communications and events specialist

Loren Aberhart-Heaphy champions New Zealand and New Zealanders to the rest of the world. She says confidence is critical to building a successful career, and the Kiwi attitude is worth believing in.