Developing your career

There are a number of ways you can plan your career path.

What's in a CV?

The purpose of a CV is to get you an interview for the role you are applying for. It needs to show what you can do, and why you're a good fit for an employer. A good CV clearly and succinctly summarises your skiils, experience and achievements. Please see Careers New Zealand's website for more on CV preparation and how to build your CV.

Invest in a career coach

Staying focused on your career development may be difficult if you have many different responsibilities to manage. Most people start and stop during their careers. A career coach can help you decide what career path you want to take and how to get there.

Understanding the 'unwritten rules'

Unwritten rules are usually the unspoken workplace norms and behaviours that are necessary to succeed but that are not always openly communicated to staff. Often, these behaviours are taken for granted as 'what successful employees do'. Because unwritten rules are not always equally accessible to all employees, they may create barriers for some people.

Balancing work and family life

Women often face challenges in their careers and leadership roles when they are re-entering the workforce after taking career breaks to care for family.

Flexible working arrangements, paid parental leave and child care can support women to balance their work and caregiving responsibilities.

For more information on flexible working arrangements go to this guide on everything you need to know about asking for flexible working arrangements.

Read here for more information on your paid parental leave and childcare entitlements.