What if I’m part of a collective agreement?

In many work situations you may be part of a collective employment agreement that has been negotiated between your employer and your union on behalf of the union members.

This collective agreement will contain many of the terms and conditions you may wish to negotiate for example, extended domestic/carers leave, additional paid parental leave, professional development etc. International research indicates that commonly the terms and conditions in a collective agreement will be better than what you can negotiate individually.

It can still be possible to negotiate your starting salary where there is a collective agreement, for example where you may be placed in a range of rates or which step on a scale is relevant for your skills and experience. Flexible working arrangements such as starting and finishing times can also be negotiated.

For more information you could contact the relevant union (www.nzctu.org.nz) and see the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment website for information on collective agreements.