COVID-19 Community Fund 2021

COVID-19 Community Fund 2021:


NB: Applications for this fund are now closed.

The COVID-19 lockdowns had a disproportionate effect on women wāhine and girls kōtiro in Aotearoa, including job losses, increased caring work and increased family violence.

Community organisations play a vital role in supporting women wāhine and girls kōtiro at the grassroots in our community. COVID-19 can affect the services these organisations provide to local communities, so in order to support organisations to continue to support acute and immediate needs, the Minister for Women, Hon Jan Tinetti, announced a new COVID-19 Community Fund for 2021.

The $2 million COVID-19 Community Fund was for community organisations to support women wāhine and girls kōtiro in Aotearoa New Zealand that were facing significantly increased demand for their services and/or decreased resources as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Funding was only available for community organisations that:

1. were:

  • a New Zealand Registered Charity; OR
  • an Incorporated Society; OR
  • a not-for-profit community-based organisations that are not one of these kinds of entities where the case is compelling; OR
  • a recognised subsidiary of one of those (such as a local branch of a larger organisation); AND
  • not a for-profit business;
  • not a Public Sector organisation;

2. attested that they have not received government funding for the same purposes; AND

3. attested that they are facing significantly increased demand for their support or services to women and girls as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and/or were facing reduced revenue and/or resources due to COVID-19; AND

4. contributed to the Ministry’s and government’s priorities for women and girls.

Applications will not be assessed unless:

1. the organisation is experiencing increased demand for services and/or reduced resourcing due to COVID-19; and

2. the outcome of the funding is fully or predominately for the benefit of women and/or girls.

What amount of funding can we apply for?

You could apply for between $5,000 and $50,000. In your application form, you needed to specify how you intend to spend the funding (including a timeline), and, should you receive funding, you needed to report back to the Ministry to show how it was spent.

Applications were open from Friday 17 September 2021 and closed Friday 1 October 2021.