COVID-19 Community Fund successful applicants announced

Hon Julie Anne Genter, Minister for Women, has announced that the $1 million COVID-19 Community Fund for women and girls has been doubled and who the successful funding applicants are.

An independent panel has selected a range of NGOs that support women and girls from across the country which have been hit hard by COVID-19. Services provided by successful applicants range from services that provide wrap-around support for single mothers who have lost their jobs; support for mental health services; essential supplies such as food, nappies, sanitary products, and blankets for marginalised women and girls; support for retraining; as well as increased support for volunteers that support women and girls.

Initially, the Community Fund was set to allocate $1 million, but due to overwhelming demand, the Government doubled the fund to a total of $2 million. Close to 500 applications for the fund were received with applications for projects totalling over $13 million. Due to the significant oversubscription of the fund following the first round, there will not be a second application round.

You can view the full list of successful applicants here: COVID-19 Community Fund recipients.