Employment growth being led by women

The latest Household Labour Force Survey (September 2014) shows the employment growth is being led by women.  Comparing the year to 30 September 2014 with the year before, 83 percent of employment growth can be attributed to women. There are 33,000 more women employed now than in September 2013. Women’s unemployment has decreased and more women are entering the labour market.

This growth nationally has been primarily driven by women’s employment growth in Canterbury. In the year to September 2014 there are 16,000 more women employed in Canterbury than at the same time last year.

New Zealand now has the fourth highest female employment rate on record (59.7 percent) and the highest since December 2008.

New Zealand women equalled their highest labour force participation on record in the September quarter. 

New Zealand women are 47 percent of the New Zealand labour force. One in three New Zealand women work 30 hours or less in the paid workforce.