Mental health workers to benefit from pay equity

Hon Julie Anne Genter, Minister for Women, welcomes 3,800 mental health and support workers being included in a pay equity settlement announced today.

“Paying women fairly is important and I am delighted with today’s announcement,” says Ms Genter.

“Women’s hard work has consistently been undervalued, but this Government is committed to changing that.

“A woman shouldn’t be paid less just because she is working in a female dominated industry.

“As Minister for Women, I am committed to addressing pay equity for New Zealand women and ensuring women’s needs are better represented.

“Today is part of a long journey of women being acknowledged and valued for all the work that they do.

“This announced settlement today is much needed for a sector that has been in dire straits and struggling to retain staff.

“I know Kristine Bartlett will be thrilled that the hard work that she and her union put in will be helping even more people in another female dominated industry.