Minister congratulates New Zealander of the Year

Hon Julie Anne Genter, Minister for Women, (pictured left) congratulates Kristine Bartlett (right) on being awarded New Zealander of the Year. 

“Kristine will go down in history as the woman who led the campaign to get New Zealand women a fairer pay deal,” says Ms Genter.

“When she filed a case against her employer over her low pay, she started a five-year campaign for gender pay equality. It resulted in a wage rise for more than 55,000 caregivers and continues to inspire massive changes for women in other sectors.

“I congratulate Kristine on this wonderful recognition. It is indisputable that Kristine has made New Zealand a better place for women.

“Fair pay for women is very important for me. New Zealand’s gender pay gap is being addressed, but is still at 9.4 per cent in the past year – any pay gap is concerning.

“People should be paid fairly for their work and they should not be paid less because they are a woman.

“Any pay gap means that women are not getting a fair deal. The consequences of women being underpaid are massive. Not only do women earn less each year, but it adds up over a lifetime,” says Ms Genter.