Women's Employment Action Plan

The Ministry is working on the development of the Women’s Employment Action Plan which will identify actions to improve the employment outcomes for women in Aotearoa New Zealand. This is about removing the barriers that stop women from getting into and staying in work, and for women and their families to be financially secure, and have access to good employment and work that suit their needs and their families’ needs.

The Plan will be inclusive of all women, and focus on specific actions to support women who are marginalised in the labour market (wāhine Māori, Pacific women, ethnic women, disabled women, young women, older women, LGBTQIA+ and sole mothers). When completed, the action plan will bring together current work across government and identify possible new areas for action that may emerge through engagement, to support women’s employment.

We want to get your ideas on what actions will support women’s employment.

There are two questions we would like your thoughts on.

•    What do you think are the barriers to women’s employment?

•    What actions do you think should be included in the Women’s Employment Action Plan?

Please email us your thoughts.