FrankAdvice - each person brings different strengths to the team, and each individual is crucial to the success of the business

FrankAdvice is a values-driven, evidence-based boutique consultancy offering support on how organisations can create teams that provide great policy advice, alongside great policy advice itself. Established in 2017 and now a team of 10, FrankAdvice’s values – kindness, patience, generosity and rigour – are integral to everything they do, from working with each other to working with their clients. Striving to create an equitable environment is not a policy, it is a practise at FrankAdvice. Flexible working arrangements, work life balance and feeling like you belong at FrankAdvice are key features of the FrankAdvice model.

CEO, Emily Mason, found that in previous roles, senior leadership was often male dominated and she saw first-hand how women disappeared from decision making tables as they climbed the corporate ladder. She also saw how people seen as “not fitting in” to an organisation were left on the side and were expected to change themselves. At FrankAdvice they value the unique qualities each person brings and because of that, each person’s voice has the same weight at the table.

The thinking behind this concept is that FrankAdvice recognises that each person brings different strengths to the team, and each individual is crucial to the success of the business. Emily’s rationale for an equitable approach is simple; it is scientifically proven to be one of the most effective (and, in her experience, the most enjoyable) way to create and sustain a quality business with happy people. Research has proven that having family friendly work policies and flexible working arrangements benefit all employees, not only parents.

Emily leads by example, often her youngest son spends a day in the office so that they can spend more time together. Employees know that if they want to bring their children, they are welcome to. There is an array of puzzles, games, and art supplies in the office, and extra working areas to cater for children being there. Everyone also gets five weeks paid leave (and up to seven weeks unpaid leave), and are encouraged to take all school holidays off. Flexible working arrangements are not discussed as a perk but are BAU. The team get 10 days paid wellbeing leave per year, and once they have met their deliverables for the week, they can finish working.

FrankAdvice also provides period products for all employees and clients, to make sure all basic sanitation is supplied for all, and they have a Family Violence Champion who is able to support employees experiencing family violence. Along with the focus on being family friendly, flexible, and equitable, this creates a great place for everyone to work.

Emily Mason, CEO: “FrankAdvice has empowered and supported myself and the team to be the best people we can be in every part of our life. In return, we all give only our best back. The tangible benefits this has created for us and the company include personal and professional growth, improved well-being and that FrankAdvice is a safe and open space for people to work and thrive. I am determined that the relationship between FrankAdvice, myself and the team be reciprocal. What this means is that I expect that if anyone moves on from FrankAdvice they will have a greater wealth of knowledge and skills than when they first arrived, with personal development and well-being valued just as highly as professional development.