The Ministry for Women, Minitatanga mō ngā Wāhine, works to improve lives for New Zealand women.

Inspiring Women

Here's how our Nominations Service helps women get appointed to positions on State sector boards or committees.

Scientist, mathematical modeller

Amy Van Wey Lovatt is no stranger to solving complex problems. In fact, as a career mathematician and academic, she specialises in doing just that. But her success is all the more remarkable considering where she started from.


When Carmen Sutton got the courage to tackle her lifelong learning difficulties, a whole new world opened up before her.

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A new directory that identifies opportunities for girls to get exposure to science, technology and engineering is now available.
A BETTER WORLD Vol 1 is a fully illustrated compilation of 80 UN countries' stories that show what they have done to empower women within the context of sustainable development.

Women at work

The Council

Read about the National Advisory Council on the Employment of Women (The Council).

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