The Ministry for Women, Minitatanga mō ngā Wāhine, works to improve lives for New Zealand women.

Addressing the Gender Pay Gap

When it comes to the gender pay gap, Sovereign CEO, Nick Stanhope is quite emphatic.

When Kate McKenzie took up the role of Chorus CEO earlier this year, she became the only woman to currently head an NZX50 company. 

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Hon Paula Bennett, Minister for Women, today launched a new guide on actions employers can take to identify and tackle any gender pay gap in their organisation.
The latest Gender Stocktake shows the proportion of women on New Zealand state-sector boards is above 45 percent, the highest level ever seen.

Inspiring Women

"A feminised industry carries the risk that salaries are on average lower than men’s. That’s of course not something that sits at all well with me."

“Be strong in yourself. Be prepared to look at different things. Say yes to all opportunities, even ones that seem crazy!"

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