Suffrage 125 pins and other resources

Suffrage 125 resources

Suffrage 125 pins

Official Suffrage 125 pins are available for purchase through the National Council of Women in the following ways:

Suffrage education resources

You can find historical information about suffrage in general on our website, as well as more information for the context of this year’s celebrations led by the Ministry for Women. Other resources include:

Māori women's rights, voting and democracy

Suffrage-related imagery

The Suffrage 125 symbol can be downloaded from our website along with guidelines for its appropriate use. PLEASE NOTE: other images that have been used on our website are not free to use. Other sources for reference and educational images include:

Images from these sites may not be freely available for use or available under Creative Commons licenses. Please ensure that you are crediting the images appropriately or acquiring the necessary privileges required for use.

Snapshot and posters

You can download these resources for print or distribution:

Suffrage 125 and social media

You can follow Suffrage 125 on Facebook (/Suffrage125) and Instagram (@suffrage125). Feel free to tag us in your posts about Suffrage 125 celebrations, activites, events and shoutouts. 

Please include #suffrage125 and/or #whakatuwahine in your posts about suffrage-related topics.