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This report provides an overview of what is known in Aotearoa/New Zealand, particularly Māori perspectives, and internationally, on sexual coercion/violence, resilience and healthy relationships, particularly for indigenous peoples, with an overall focus on rangatahi and rangatahi wahine.
Workplace flexibility in the accounting sector
Students’ Occupational Choice Study: Dunedin, Auckland (June 2010)
Analysis of Graduate Income Data 2002-2007 by Broad Field of Study
This publication is a joint initiative between Business New Zealand, The Institute of Directors in New Zealand, and the Ministry of Women's Affairs. It looks at evidence showing that women can add a competitive edge to company boards.
The aim of this study, commissioned by the Ministry of Women's Affairs, was to assess attrition in relation to adult sexual violation cases: what proportion and type of cases drop out at each stage of the criminal justice process.