Where to go for help

If you or someone you know suffers from abuse and violence, you have a right to ask for help, and help is available in many places.  Below is a list of organisations that you can contact.  Services are confidential, and often free.

Safe to talk He pai ki te kōrero


ACC funds support following sexual violence ACC offers fully-funded and immediate support and treatment – including support for your family and whānau. It doesn’t matter if it happened recently or a long time ago, there’s support available when you’re ready.

Women’s Refuge

Free national 24-hour crisis line: 0800 REFUGE or 0800 733 843

The National Collective of Independent Women’s Refuges is an organisation for women and their children that works to help prevent and stop family violence in New Zealand.  Advice and help is available on a 24-hour crisis line.

Women’s Refuge can:

  • talk to you if you’re worried about your safety in your relationship and help you make a safety plan
  • provide a safe place to go to if you need help urgently
  • help you stand up for your needs whether or not you are thinking about leaving.

Women’s refuges provide support services designed especially for children, young people, Māori women, Pacific women and migrant and refugee women. They also assist lesbian women, older women and women with disabilities.  Click here for contact information for Women's Refuge. 


Free national helpline, 7 days/week, 9.00 am - 11.00 pm: 0508 744 633

Shine is an Auckland-based organisation that offers short-term accommodation for women and their children who are at risk of further harm from domestic abuse.  Families who stay at the safe house have the time and space they need to recover from the shock and fear caused by the abuse.  They are in a safe environment and are supported by experienced and friendly staff.  The safe house is at a confidential address, and offers warmth, shelter, safety, food and clothing. Click here for contact information for Shine.

Sexual assault support centres

If you have been sexually assaulted, whether by someone you know or someone you don’t know, you can contact one of the sexual assault support centre listed here.

Some of these centres operate a 24-hour crisis line where you can get immediate help and confidential advice.  Click here for more information.

Crisis Numbers

Mid North Family Support Rape Crisis and Youth Services

09 407 7511


09 623 1700

Auckland Rape Prevention Education

09 360 4004

Wellington Sexual Abuse Help

04 499 7532

Hutt Valley Sexual Abuse Support and Healing (HV-SASH)

0800 226 694

Christchurch Sexual Abuse Survivors Trust

03 364 8791

West Coast Rape Crisis

0800 274 747


Free 24-hour crisis line: 0800 SHAKTI or 0800 742584

Shakti Community Council Inc. was set up by ethnic women for ethnic women to overcome the barriers that come with migration and break the bonds of cultural oppression imposed on them for generations.  Shakti has four ethnic women's refuges in New Zealand, and operates a 24-hour free and confidential crisis line. Click here for contact information for Shakti.  

Are you OK?

Free 0800 Family Violence Information Line: 0800 456 450

The ‘It’s not OK’ campaign runs a free 0800 Family Violence Information Line that provides self-help information and connects people to services.  It is available seven days a week, from 9.00 am to 11.00 pm, with an after-hours message redirecting callers in the case of an emergency.  Click here for for more information.

Te Kupenga Whakaoti Mahi Patunga - National Network Stopping Violence Services

Te Kupenga – the National Network of Stopping Violence – is a network or ‘he kupenga’ of 42 independent community-based organisations.  They work to enable all people in Aotearoa / New Zealand to live safely and respectfully in a society free of all forms of violence and oppression – the safety of women and children is paramount. Click here for information, or to contact your closest Te Kupenga Member agency.

Fatimah Foundation

Fatimah Foundation is an Auckland based organisation establish to provide Family Assistance To Islamic Mothers And Homes (FATIMAH). The Foundation's point of difference from other service providers is the advisory role and counselling services offered, based on cultural and Muslim values and principals to live within a New Zealand context.