The National Advisory Council on the Employment of Women (NACEW) commissioned a series of case studies exploring gender diversity in private sector organisations. The organisations profiled share their insights on successfully implementing diversity and inclusion poilices and measures. Traci Houpapa, Chair of NACEW, also shares her thoughts on the case studies.

  • Chorus- diversity is good for business as well as the country
  • Enspiral Dev Academy - It's incredibly important we make workplaces more accessible to people with diverse backgrounds, including parents
  • Fonterra - “if the CEO and board are vocal about gender equality, then others will listen”
  • FrankAdvice - each person brings different strengths to the team, and each individual is crucial to the success of the business
  • Lion - have set a target of a 50-50 gender split by 2026
  • Westpac - ‘there needs to be a louder and better-informed conversation among businesses about gender pay’
  • Xero - people are healthier and more productive when they are given flexibility
  • Yellow – ‘Creating change begins with stepping into discomfort, asking the hard questions and being brave enough to take action with the answers’